The Best of Cape Breton

Cape Breton Highlands

-Driving along the Cabot Trail and through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park:

  • Petit Etang
  • Presqu’ile
  • Jerome Mountain
  • French Mountain
  • Fishing Cove
  • Wreck Cove
  • MacKenzie Mountain
  • Roberts Mountain
  • North Mountain

  • Big Intervale
  • Sunrise
  • Cape North
  • Aspy Bay
  • North Harbour
  • Sugarloaf
  • Bay Road Valley
  • St. Margaret Village
  • Capstick
  • Black Point
  • Meat Cove
  • Bay of St. Lawrence
  • Ingonish Harbour
  • Ingonish
  • Ingonish Center
  • Baddeck

Cape Breton Island

-Hiking in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park:

  • Skyline Trail
  • Bog Trail
  • MacIntosh Book Trail
  • Lone Shieling Trail
  • Middle Head Trail

Cape Breton

Whale Watching out of Pleasant Bay with Captain Mark’s Whale and Seal Cruise to see the Minke and Pilot whales

Whale Watching Tour

-Swimming at Ingonish Beach

-Driving to the most Northern point in Cape Breton-Meat Cove

-Staying at the quaint Chiasson‘s Cabins in the small village of Margaree Forks

-Eating at the Coastal Restaurant in Ingonish which was featured on the Food Network`s “You Gotta` Eat Here“

-Sight seeing throughout Cape Breton:

  • Beulach Ban Falls
  • Acadian village Cheticamp
  • Margarita ice cream at Cardinal Points Gift Shop in Pleasant Bay
  • Seeing whales, seals, eagles, birds, and foxes
  • Keltic Lodge in Ingonish
  • Highlands Links
  • Ingonish Freshwater Lake
  • South Bay Ingonish
  • North Bay Ingonish

Cape Breton Tour

19 thoughts on “The Best of Cape Breton

    • Thanks so much JC! It was a pretty incredible experience! The first time I did whale watching I didn’t see any whales! I thought I would give it another go! I am glad that I did! The little baby with his tail in the air is my favorite picture!
      Have you ever gone whale watching?

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