Skydiving in Vacationland

“The way life should be.” ~ Maine’s Motto

My first two attempts at skydiving in Pittsfield, Maine were cancelled due to the weather.Jump It was literally raining on my parade! Disappointed, I knew the third attempt would be my last and final opportunity to skydive during my time in Maine before needing to return home. Fellow Canadian Brad Fisher, owner of Vacationland Skydiving, updated me each morning with the weather at the field. Third time was a charm because the weather was perfect on August 11th to jump at the Pittsfield Municipal Airport. It could not have possibly been a more stunning day to jump out of a plane. Clear blue sunny skies. No cloud in sight. It just goes to show that everything happens for a reason.

I have always wanted to skydive, but the right opportunity had not come up until now. What better way to ring in the big 3.0., but to jump out of a plane? I had to do something dramatic, right? Each year that I get older, I feel younger. I am a young soul. Teaching middle school definitely keeps me young and alive. I even get my fashion tips from my students! I thrive on their energy. Turning 30 was actually quite exciting! 30 is the new 20 right? Honestly, turning 30 to means more experience, opportunity, and my upcoming year off from work to travel! Starting my thirties off with a 120 mph free fall is the perfect entry into ‘adult-hood’ for me.

skydiveVacationland Skydiving is conveniently located approximately 25 minutes south of Bangor, Maine. The welcoming and friendly staff made it easy to feel comfortable about jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet above solid ground. After completing my tandem skydiving training I was fitted with a harness and was ready to head up in a 4-seater Cessna. I agreed to jump first because 1. I was so excited to finally check skydiving off my bucket list, 2. I wanted to get the anticipation of waiting to skydive over with, and 3. because I was afraid I would get too nervous watching my friend go before me. My senior tandem instructor Matt and I proceeded to plane.

The twenty minute plane ride up to 10,000 feet was quite therapeutic. It gave me time to prepare myself for what I was about to do. Yet, at that point, I did not need any more time to prepare after having my first two scheduled jumps cancelled. I was ready to do it. The view from the plane was gorgeous. I couldn’t wait for the door to open and to fall from the sky! Matt with over 1,300 jumps under his belt made me feel extremely calm and prepared. Obviously he is good at his job because we had a casual conversation about the health care system in Canada compared to in the U.S. on the way up and I completely forgot that I was about to skydive! Shortly after, Matt strapped me to his harness and told me that he was about to open the door. He reminded me that I needed to scoot myself toward the door, put my feet outside of the plane on the step, and to wait for him to rock us out. As I moved toward the opening in the plane, I thought to myself I can do this.
As I left the plane everything happened so quickly, yet in slow motion. Before I knew it, I was tumbling through the air at a magnificent speed. One second I saw sky, the other land. It felt almost as though I was floating. As Matt leveled us off facing the earth I spread my arms out and yelled this is awesome, although I am sure it didn’t sound like that. The wind was contorting my face in every direction; I barely could smile at the camera. I couldn’t believe I was already free falling. It was better than I expected. Exhilarating and relaxing all at the same time. Before I knew it, the parachute opened and we were pulled upwards before floating towards the airport. It was over in minutes…or even seconds. It can’t be over already? I thought to myself. I wanted to free fall forever.

The view surrounding me on my way down was unbelievable and breathtaking. I actually did it! I jumped out of an airplane! I would do it again in a second. The parachute spins on the way down was the perfect ending to the most thrilling extreme sport. I am blessed to have had an opportunity to skydive and to do it with Vacationland Skydiving! As we got closer to the landing field I lifted my legs and slid across the lawn on my booty as the fresh cut grass flew up in my face! Words cannot truly describe my experience. The first words out my mouth were: oh my gosh, that’s amazing! When will you be going skydiving? Add skydiving to your bucket list today!

Vacationland Skydiving
Pittsfield Maine Municipal Airport
Harrison Street, Pittsfield ME 04967


120mph fall

120mph fall

Media coverage for Vacationland Skydiving

12 thoughts on “Skydiving in Vacationland

  1. Cool pics…..I was wondering how your travels were coming 🙂

    I am still working on my bucket list to answer your question from a previous post….i think I need to put ‘make a bucket list’ on my bucket list 🙂

    Just kidding….
    Glad you’re having fun.


    • My travels are coming along! It is hard to believe I have been traveling for 2 months already! The time is going by so fast! I’m always re-working and changing my bucket list. It keeps me excited to do more!

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