Around the World Bucket List


This is the bucket list I completed during my around the world travels:


Complete my Masters in Education & Principal’s Certificate
Ride in a helicopter 
Spend Canada Day in the Capitol 
Fly first class
Hike in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park 
Take a year off from teaching to travel 
North Carolina 
Fly a plane
Mom and daughter trip
Go on a trip with a friend 
Miramichi River Tubing 
Visit a new place in New Brunswick
Visit a new place in Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island in the Summer
Reunite with old high school friends
Segway tour 
Cooking class
White water rafting
Las Vegas
Flight Lining
San Francisco
Indoor rock climbing
Paddle Boarding
Stay in a hostel
Kite Boarding
Learn something new
Swim with Galapagos sharks
Swim with wild dolphins
Ride in a submarine
Cliff jumping
Kayak in Hawaii
Snorkel in Hawaii
Hermosa Beach, Los Angles Area
Freedom Writers Teacher Symposium, Long Beach California
Night cruise on the San Francisco Bay
Yosemite National Park
Bike the Golden Gate Bridge
Montreal, Quebec  
Northern Ontario: Timmins
Travel to a new country – Puerto Rico
Christmas in my home town with family
Experience the new year in Atlantic Canada 
Eat healthier while traveling
Stay active while traveling 
Give Hot Yoga a real shot
Try different types of Hot Yoga classes
Crossfit while traveling
Explore Timmins, Ontario
Visit an alpaca farm
Play in the snow
Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa
Winter Wildlife Tour
See moose 
Nordic Baths
Miami Beach
South Beach
North Beach
Master traveling with a carry on
Key West
Los Angeles
Sydney, Australia  
Coogee Beach, Australia  
Bondi Beach, Australia  
Manly Beach, Australia
Blue Mountains, Australia 
Australia Gold Coast
Surfers Paradise
Byron Bay, Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Drive in a Ferrari 
Hang Gliding  
Wildlife Sanctuary  
Queensland, Australia
Camping in Australia Everglades 
Noosa, Australia
Fraser Island, Australia 
See wild dingoes
Sand-boarding in Rainbow Beach, Australia
Body Boarding
Whitsunday Island, Australia
Magnetic Island, Australia
Feed wild Rock Wallabies 
Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef 
Cairns, Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation 
Perth, Australia
Margaret River, Australia 
Western Beaches, Australia
See wild kangaroos 
Mountain ranges in Victoria
Melbourne, Australia 
Great Ocean Road, Australia 
See a Kuala in the wild 
Road trip with a friend: Phillip Island
Mornington Peninsula
Surfing Lesson
Meet some travel bloggers
New Zealand  
Try something new-Blackwater Rafting
Maori cultural experience
Lord of the Rings tour
Abel Tasman National Park
Franz Josef Glacier
Wild West Coast
Auckland, NZ
Blog for one year  
Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba- A new turquoise destination
Travel for 4 months straight (or more)
Northern Ontario
Northern Spirit Adventures
Wild Exodus Tour
Just Natural Holistic Spa
Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa
Top Deck Tour
Travel Europe 
Europe bucket list: Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Venice gondola ride, Swiss Alps, Vatican City, Monaco, swim in the Mediterranean, eat authentic Greek food, swim in the Adriatic sea, travel through eastern Europe, Kings Landing, Spelunking, see a live Oom-pah band, WWII History, Anne Frank Museum, eat Belgium chocolate, London walking tour, Stone Henge, and, Bath
15 countries in Europe 
Visit 31 countries by my 31st birthday
Enjoy some Canadian summer
Travel full time for a total of 14 months
Practice Yoga Full Time
Christmas in Montreal


Check out my other bucket lists: countries I’ve visited & completed bucket list


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50 thoughts on “Around the World Bucket List

  1. Intrepid/Suntrek do a great 8 day trip that takes in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. You can camp four of the nights as well, so that would tick a few things off your list. The Orbit Hostel in Los Angeles is also a nice hostel to stay in before you set off, especially if you haven’t stayed in a hostel before. They do a great day tour of LA that is really good value. Let me know when you make it to Europe, I’ll take you camping in England if you want. And if you visit Rhodes on your way through Europe, my friend’s husband runs a good kite boarding school in Kremasti 🙂

  2. You’ve got a bucket list for every year? That’s terrific. We are beginning to think we need an official bucket list (in general) for ourselves! Congrats that you are more than halfway through that list! Look forward to seeing you bowl the rest over before 2014 rolls on in 🙂

    • Well, I just started the yearly bucket list idea recently! I’ve had an “ongoing” bucket list previously! You should post a bucket list for you guys! I’d love to read it! What would be the first thing to go on your list?

  3. Such a busy year! This year my big project is to do an international trip each month. It has made the year fly by. It’s kind of exhausting, but I can’t complain. I am loving life.

    Some of the things from your list that I’ve done this year are:
    Mom & Daughter trip (NYC with my mom)
    Stay in a hostel (Hiroshima, Japan)
    Travel with a friend (Hiroshima/Osaka in January)
    Learn something new (just started taking Korean lessons)

    We also want to travel first class on an international trip sometime. Just need to save up enough FF points first!

  4. One thing I’ve discovered in life is how many things I’ve done that I would have put on my bucket list had I thought about them beforehand!

    • Yes! It was 6 years in the making! My year off is finally here and I am loving every moment of it. I finally have time to try new things, see new places, and really live beyond my work schedule. It was well worth the wait. If you can make it happen you should really do it. I am happy you are enjoying my travels!

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    • haha Thanks! Some of my travel style definitely stays with the turquoise theme! Some things I just have to do because I have wanted to do it for a while! I am excited to finally have the opportunity to explore the world on my own terms!

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